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Does it feel like your house is a burden? Has your house become more work than you can handle? Owning a house in Arizona can become a massive headache and it may seem like there is no way around it. You may be asking yourself: “How can I sell my house fast Arizona?”

Put an end to the frustration of owning your Arizona house and sell your house fast (in as little as seven days) or when YOU want to close.

Are you currently in foreclosure or going through a divorce? Have you received a notice of default? Are you getting flooded with bills to fix your property? Perhaps you inherited a house you have no use for. Regardless of your situation, we are able to help you solve your problems with a cash offer for your property.

Sometimes people question if they have to fix their property before trying to sell it. The simple answer is that when selling your property to us, you don’t. You will not have to come out of pocket for any repairs. We are able to take care of your repairs and buy the house AS-IS.



sell my house fast arizona


We buy houses in Arizona just like this one. We work with people all over Arizona who want to sell their house fast and don’t want to pay for repairs. Don’t worry about covering expensive repairs out of pocket – we will take care of them!


Are you currently facing any of these issues?


sell my house fast arizona

Was a realtor unable to sell your house?

Properties can sit on the market for months without activity.

sell my house fast arizona

Is your house too costly to repair?

Don’t worry about fixing your house, we will take care of all the repairs!

sell my house fast arizonaDid you receive a notice of default?

Get rid of your property fast before it harms your credit!

sell my house fast arizonaAre you in foreclosure?

 Avoid foreclosure by selling your house fast to Desert Homebuyers.

sell my house fast arizona

Do you own costly unwanted property?

Sitting properties cost you thousands every year, sell it now to get rid of the cost!

If so, let us give you a fair offer for your property!





The reality is… Arizona homeowners are faced with a few different options when needing to sell their house. We are here to provide you with all the tools you will need to make an informed decision. The main two options you face are to 1.) list your house with a realtor or 2.) sell your house to an investor (like us) for cash. But, which way will get you the most desirable result?

When working with a realtor…

sell my house fast arizona

You will pay around 9% in realtor fees and closing costs when its sold.

That will cost you around $22,000 out of pocket for the average house in Arizona.

sell my house fast arizonaYou have no guaranteed buyer.

Your house can sit on the market for months without any activity.

sell my house fast arizona

You will pay for required lender repairs.

The FHA is notorious for demanding a large list of repairs before issuing a mortgage.


we buy houses arizona

You will get an all cash offer.

No waiting around for a qualified buyer to purchase your property.

we buy houses arizona

You don’t have to pay for repairs.

We will buy your house as-is and take care of the repairs.

we buy houses arizona

You can close when YOU want.

Simply sign the purchase agreement and close on the date YOU choose.

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we buy houses arizona

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This allows us to research your property so we won’t waste any time.

we buy houses arizona

We will meet you at your house

We will assess the value of your property in-person at your convenience.

we buy houses arizona

Close when YOU want and get paid

You can choose the date you are ready to move and be paid.

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We help Arizona homeowners face the many challenges of owning property, including getting behind on bills, not having the cash to pay for repairs, having annoying tenants, facing foreclosure, or even dealing with costly vacant property. We understand Arizona homeowners can simply be too busy to do all of the things required to prepare a house to sell on the market.

That’s why we focus on having a simple process & creating win-win scenarios for homeowners like you. What do you have to lose? Get a no-obligation offer for your house now.

About Arizona

we buy houses arizona
The current median price of houses currently listed in Arizona is around $285,000, while the median sold price is only $246,000. Zillow

With a population of just over 7 million people, Arizona is the sixth largest and 14th most populated state in the U.S. according to the United States Census Bureau. Also known as the Grand Canyon State, the state’s largest city and capital is Phoenix – making up nearly 22% of the state’s population alone. Other major cities within the Phoenix metro area include: Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, Tempe, and Scottsdale to name a few. The Southern part of Arizona is known for its desert climate, causing hot summers and mild winters. Northern Arizona features large green forests of spruce, Douglas fir, and pine trees. One of the four corners states, Arizona is bordered by ColoradoUtah, and New Mexico. It also shares a border with  Nevada, California, and Mexico

Likely the most notable natural attraction in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is a steep-sided, colorful, large ravine formed by the Colorado River. The canyon is widely known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Created over millions of years of erosion, the Colorado River cut a 277 mile long channel and reaches a depth of over 1 mile. It is estimated nearly 2 billion years of Earth’s history can be found engraved inside the canyon.

Thousands of years ago, Arizona was home to many Native American tribes. The notable cultures that thrived during these time are the Hohokam, Ancestral Puebolan, and Mogollon cultures. Rock paintings, cliffside dwellings, and other remnants of these cultures still exist today, bringing thousands of tourists each year. Roughly 25% of the state’s land is made up of Indian reservations today, being called home by 27 Native American tribes recognized by the United States. The largest and most recognized of these tribes is Navajo Nation – holding more than 300,000 citizens alone. The state is home to the largest number of Native American speakers in the 48 contiguous states – being largely comprised of the Navajo and Apache languages.